Seeds in the fields of god

Everywhere at Herrnhut there are pruned trees; particularly during winter, when they are without leaves, these are often believed to be willow trees by nonlocal visitors. In fact they are lime trees, the Czech national tree. The lime tree is a symbol of justice, love, and peace; it is a meeting place and a continuous reminder of their lost Bohemian home country for members of the community.
Most impressive is an alley of pruned lime trees planted in 1742 that leads up to the cementary at Herrnhut, where the lime tree is the only vegetation permitted besides grass and ivy.
“But in fact Christ has been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep.” (1. Cor., 15.20)
For the Herrnhut community death is not a threatening experience; passing away for them means coming home in joyful anticipation of god. In the graveyard each brother and sister is buried in an individual plot resembling the seating arrangements in a prayer hall. All coffins are white, the uniform memorial slabs are lying flat on the ground – in death and before god all humans are equal.