The Elector of Saxony, Christian II, has gained weight; in later years he never wore the grand garment made for him when he was 26 years old. Besides his red there is also a blue garment from 1601. The hem of a coat produced for another elector, Moritz, is good for a superlative, too – it measures 6,29 meters.
Sateen, silk, gold passament and trimmings, silver filigree, precious stones and pearls … grand garments were part of the treaury as well as splendid weapons, both made from the most exquisite materials and following the latests whims of style and fashion. Alltogether 27 stately garments unfold their splendour in the Dresden residence. The smallest of the costumes on display, a dress in the colour of peach blossoms with pink silk bows, is behind today’s calendar window. It was worn by the 4 year old prince Johann Georg II.