Across the seven seas by foot

On the sail of a historic model ship Mary and Jesus are receiving the visitors. The ship is one of about 36 000 models collected by Peter Tamm during his lifetime – besides 5000 oil paintings, 100 000 stamps, 1 000 000 photos and innumerable nautical instruments, charts, documents, sound recordings, drawings, weapons, uniforms and medals. Passing the ship one starts ascending to the many decks of the Maritime Museum, the largest naval collection in the world. Since 2009 the Kaiserspeicher B (Imperial Storehouse B) in the Magdeburger Hafen is the home of these unique objects. The storehouse built in 1878 is the oldest extant building in the Speicherstadt. Besides the landward and seaward hatches the storehouse was directly connected to the railway – the rails ended in the ground floor of the building. Until 2003 it served its original purpose as a cargo storehouse.

Merry Christmas!